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Smoothie bowls

The easiest way for your family to have a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and many times we don't have the time it deserves. There are no more excuses, choose the mix you like the most so that your family can start the day in a healthy and nutritious way any day of the year.

As with our ZUMit smoothies, now you can make a super healthy smoothie bowl in less than a minute.

A healthy breakfast
in less than
1 minute.

How do you prepare a Smoothie Bowl?

150 grams of fruit in your breakfast in an easy way and without wastage.

01. Choose your preferred fruit single-serving bag.

02. Add 150ml of your vegetable milk and to the grinder, it's that simple.

03. If you are looking for an extra healthy and fun kick, add your granola or superfoods that you need and complement a perfect breakfast.

> No waste

Zero waste. With our individual bags of washed, cut and deeply-frozen fruit you will take advantage of 100% of the product. In addition to being able to enjoy any day of the year without depending on the seasonality of the fruit.