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The recipe to help you squeeze your business.

The functional benefits of smoothies make them the ideal drink for those who go to spas. Improve your clients experience, after a treatment, provide the opportunity to enjoy a regenerating, antioxidant or relaxing fruit or vegetable smoothie.

Leave us your information and discover the advantages of incorporating the smoothies a la carte at your SPA.




Relaxing Area

Offering a regenerating, antioxidant or relaxing smoothie at the end of the treatments is an option that improves the customer experience and helps position the Spa Centre for the quality of its service.


A Spa must ensure that its cafeteria menu offers healthy, refreshing products that can be prepared with some agility. ZumIT has prepared a menu with very elaborate recipes, where fruits and vegetables are combined in a way that they are always delicious. A safe bet for a Spas’ cafeteria.

* Todos nuestros batidos tienen receta de cóctel alcohólico para aumentar la oferta en los puntos de venta requeridos, no dudes en consultarnos.