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A recipe to get the more out of your business

Consumers are increasingly cautious with their diet and demand healthy products. Restaurants know this and that is why they adapt their menus to these new consumer habits. Smoothies are the ideal alternative to set up a new alternative menu to soft drinks, sugary or alcoholic drinks.

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High Profitability

Smoothies are a cost-effective option for businesses, as their profit margin is attractive.

Quick Preparation Smoothies

Smoothies can be prepared in less than a minute, allowing businesses to quickly serve their customers.

Controlled Unit Cost (Zero Waste in Smoothies)

Smoothie preparation allows for precise cost control, as ingredients can be measured accurately. In addition, since there is no waste in smoothie preparation, each drink is ensured to contain the exact amount of ingredients, helping to maximize business profitability and minimize operating costs.

Cross-Selling Oportunities

Smoothies can be combined with other food products such as sandwiches or salads, offering cross-selling opportunities.

Possibility of Sales During Off-peak Hours

Smoothies can be offered throughout the day, including during off-peak hours.

No Need for Specialized Training

Smoothie preparation does not require specialized training, making it an ideal option when there is high turnover of personnel.

Guarantee of Flavor Experience

Smoothies offer a unique and refreshing flavor experience, improving recurrence and experience.


Smoothies are an easy-to-carry product, allowing customers to enjoy them on-site or take them with them.

Impulse Product

Smoothies are often purchased on impulse, quickly boosting sales.

Healthy Product

Smoothies are a healthy alternative to consuming fruits and vegetables, attracting customers who are seeking such options in vogue.

Possibility of Cocktails

Smoothies can be turned into a refreshing cocktail for the afternoon or evening, allowing businesses to offer a unique and attractive drink option.



Smoothies accompany trends. We want to take care of ourselves and eat better, but we don't have time to do it. Therefore, if in a restaurant they offer us this possibility and it is appetizing, we will choose it. Smoothies are a must, offered with a salad, a sandwich or as a replacement for a conventional snack.


In recent months there has been a boom in "delivery", which has been become a usual service for some customers. Therefore, it is convenient to offer this alternative, with the support of recyclable packaging whenever possible.

Health Corner

If your restaurant is large and your audience is diversified, we suggest that you set up a healthy corner where you can show the entire range of shakes and smoothies. You will see that in a short time, this space will grow, as so will the percentage of consumers who bet on the natural.


Smoothies combined with alcohol can complement your offer for the afternoon or evening. It is the perfect alternative for those who want to have a drink without bubbles or in a light version. *

* All our smoothies have their own recipe made with alcohol so you can expand the offer. Do not hesitate to ask us!