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The recipe to help you squeeze your business

Having a very limited eating time and doing it in a healthy way is usually not compatible.

That is why smoothies are a great alternative for those who take a break from work to have a good lunch. Incorporating the smoothie as a daily habit can be a great way to stay in shape.

Let us advise you without obligation and we will help you incorporate our smoothies to improve your customer's experience in every way.





In business centers and office buildings, menus tend to be light and healthy. A menu that includes smoothies with fruit and vegetables for lunch is recommended here. “Avocado Mix”, with avocado, kale, banana and lemon zest, or “Green Power”, with pineapple, spinach, cucumber and kale are a good option to replace the traditional sandwich.


Remember that a smoothie is prepared in just 1 minute and in a very simple way, so we recommend that you work on demand and avoid any type of waste.


Delivery continues to boom. If you offer the “take away” option, you will complement your offer and give a good service to those who leave work wanting to have a drink on the way home.

Health Corner

If your establishment is large, you can design a “healthy corner” that will surely soon be one of the most profitable spaces in the establishment. 

* Todos nuestros batidos tienen receta de cóctel alcohólico para aumentar la oferta en los puntos de venta requeridos, no dudes en consultarnos.