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Zumit: Frozen Fruit Wholesale

In the competitive gastronomic market, companies and restaurants are constantly looking for ways to improve their offer, maintain the freshness and quality of their products, and at the same time, optimize costs. In this scenario, wholesale frozen fruit emerges as the perfect solution, and at Zumit, we are proud to be a leading supplier of IQF fruit.

What is IQF Fruit?

IQF fruit is fruit that has been individually deep-frozen through a specialized process that preserves its natural properties. Unlike traditional freezing, where large blocks of fruit can be frozen together, the IQF process freezes each piece of fruit individually. This ensures that they maintain their shape, color, flavor and nutrients.

Advantages of opting for frozen fruit wholesale

Quality and Freshness Guaranteed: Because fruits are frozen at their optimum ripeness, they retain their flavor and nutrients intact. This means that, regardless of the season, you will have access to fruits with a fresh and authentic taste.

Longer shelf life: When you buy frozen fruit in bulk, you can benefit from an extended shelf life. Forget about fruit that rots quickly on the shelves; IQF fruit can last much longer, optimizing inventory and reducing waste.

Economy and Efficiency: By purchasing frozen fruit in bulk, restaurants and businesses can benefit from more competitive prices. In addition, by minimizing waste and reducing the need for frequent ordering, operating costs are optimized.

Zumit: Your trusted supplier of wholesale frozen fruit

At Zumit, we are not only dedicated to the production and distribution of high quality smoothies, but we are also specialists in IQF fruit. We understand the needs of the gastronomic market and, therefore, we guarantee:

Quality sourcing: We ensure that all our fruits come from reliable and sustainable sources.

Chemical-free process: Our IQF fruit is frozen without the use of preservatives or chemicals, guaranteeing a 100% natural product.

Order flexibility: Whether you need large quantities or specific batches, we adapt to your requirements.

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