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The frozen fruit vs. Fresh Fruit. What is the IQF method?

The frozen fruit vs. Fresh Fruit. What is the IQF method?

In this entry we are going to explain a little more what the IQF deep freeze method consists of, and why IQF frozed fruit can be even better than fresh fruit. 

How do fruits freeze? 

The IQF method involves placing the fruit individually on a conveyor belt and giving it a cold blow that freezes the fruit quickly and immediately, from the heart out.

The IQF fruits are collected in their optimum state of maturation, and then quickly deep freeze them so that the fruit preserves its shape. The IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) process * preserves the fruit´s properties and nutrients without added preservatives or chemicals.

Vitamins Content: the frozen fruit retains the vitamins for longer thanks to the technology of fast freezing. In most cases, deep-frozen fruit has a higher nutritional value than the fresh fruit we find in stores and has matured artificially while they have been stored and transported to the store.

Hygiene: working with extremely cold temperatures eliminates the risk of forming dangerous microorganisms in the process. Also with a period of expiration of 24 months.

Thanks to the advantages offered by this fast freezing process we can enjoy fruit and vegetables in our very high quality and delicious smoothies!