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The Cherries, the fruit that will increase your sports performance

One of the fruits that can help you achieve better sports performance is cherries. These fruits very rich in antioxidants which can benefit endurance athletes. It has been shown in some research that this fruit has benefits in recovering muscle damage, immune function, delay cell aging even in sleep. 

If you are training with high intensity workouts there are usually transient states of muscle inflammation that the cherry can help reduce them. It also allows for faster muscle recovery. In addition, it has a high content of iron and vitamins A and C, which helps to recover minerals after exercise. 

It is recommended to ingest them for half an hour before starting the exercise. Thus, its nutrients will have already been absorbed. 

Other benefits of this extraordinary fruit after carrying out a physical activity is the prevention of cramps, caused by the insufficiency of oxygen in the muscles or the loss of fluids. 

Therefore it is recommended for almost all sports such as cycling, athletics, tennis, football, etc.. 

This year we have developed a successful Smoothie containing cherries, blueberries, strawberry and mango “Berries Paridese”. An ideal drink to drink before or after your physical activity