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The best fruits and vegetables to fight the flu and colds

In this time when temperature changes cause the number of flus and colds to increase, we want to highlight which are the best fruits and vegetables according to a recent study by the University of Oxford to combat and slow them in a natural way. These fruits and vegetables can be found in our frozen fruit Smoothies and our Cold Press juices on the ZUMit website. 

When the cold comes, the risk of cooling or getting sick with the flu increases, which causes a weakening of our immune system. Fruits and vegetables will help with their nutrients to strengthen our immune system. Creating a healthy habit throughout the year will make you less likely to get sick on these dates.

Oranges and lemons

These citrus fruits are among the best options for large amounts of vitamin C, as well as other vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential amino acids. Which in addition to being a natural remedy against sore throat and cough. 

Strawberries, blueberries and cherries

Red fruits are fruits with a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants that can help us strengthen our immune system. 


Pineapple stands out for its content of potassium, iodine and vitamin C. In addition, it has bromelain that helps reduce the mucus and inflammation that forms in the throat when you are cold. 


This fruit has vitamin C and A, both prevent the development and complication of the flu and cold. In addition, it is diuretic, prevents cardiovascular ailments and take care of your bones thanks to vitamin K.


Mango with vitamin C is ideal for treating breathing problems. It has potassium and fiber that helps to have good digestion. With mango you can control heartburn, strengthen bones and prevent anemia. 


Spicy-flavored ginger helps to undo phlegm so that you cleanse respiratory ducts and relieve symptoms of congestion. In addition to having analgesic, antipyretic and antibacterial properties. 


This vegetable is ideal to strengthen the immune system thanks to a great contribution of Vitamin A, in addition, to have vitamin C that we have already seen that is a great ally against these diseases of this type.  

These are some of the more than 25 different 100 % natural fruits and vegetables that you can find in our Healthy Frozen Fruit Smoothies with IQF Technology and our Cold Press natural juices.