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A splash of flavor and energy; our Smoothies and Cold press are a hit at the Heart Break Travesía in Benidorm!

On a sunny day full of energy to the rhythm of 80's music, the Benidorm Heart Break swim became an unforgettable event. Our company had the privilege of participating in this exciting day, where swimmers and spectators enjoyed our delicious Smoothies and refreshing Cold Press drinks. With a total of 400 enthusiastic participants, we are proud to have been part of this successful event.

The Benidorm Heart Break Crossing: A sporting event

The Benidorm Crossing is an annual event that attracts hundreds of sea and water sport lovers. Swimmers of different ages and skill levels come together to challenge themselves in the crystal clear waters of Benidorm's beautiful beach. This year, the competition had 400 brave participants and what better way to add a special touch to a sporting event than with energetic and infectious 80's music?

Our Smoothies: The perfect boost for swimmers

As event sponsors, we were on a mission to provide swimmers and attendees with delicious and healthy options to keep them hydrated and energized. Our natural and nutritious Smoothies were a resounding success. The intense heat of the day increased the demand for refreshing beverages, and these were the perfect solution to quench thirst and recharge energy.

Cold Press beverages: Flavor and freshness in every sip

In addition to our Smoothies, our Cold Press beverages also became a favorite at the event. The cold-pressing process preserves all the properties and flavors of the fruits and vegetables, resulting in natural and revitalizing drinks. Participants were delighted with this product, and some discovered for the first time the intensity and purity of flavor of Cold press beverages.

The Benidorm Heart Break Travesía turned out to be an exceptional event where music, sport and fun merged perfectly. We are grateful to have been part of this unforgettable day, giving participants and attendees the opportunity to enjoy our delicious Smoothies and Cold Press beverages. We hope to return next year and continue to be part of the refreshing success of this wonderful event

So, if you are looking for a unique experience in your events, don't hesitate to count on us and our natural options to delight all the attendees. See you in the next Benidorm Crossing and other exciting events!