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How are our Smoothies made?

If you've ever wondered how our smoothies are made at Zumit, you're in the right place to discover the magical process behind each glass of wellness and flavor. From ingredient selection to final preparation, every step is designed to deliver the highest quality and customer satisfaction. Here we take you behind the scenes to reveal how our smoothies are made.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

It all starts with selecting the freshest, highest quality fruits and vegetables. At Zumit, we know that a delicious and nutritious smoothie cannot compromise on the quality of its ingredients.

Superfoods and Extras

In addition to fruits and vegetables, we also include a variety of superfoods and nutritional extras. Chia? Spirulina? Matcha? We've got it all. Each of these elements is carefully chosen to complement and enrich the smoothie's nutritional profile.

The IQF Process: Quality Preserved

One of the highlights of how our smoothies are made is the use of the IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) process to flash-freeze fruits and vegetables. This technique has multiple benefits:

IQF preserves the nutritional integrity of the fruits and vegetables, ensuring that each smoothie is as healthy as it is delicious.

Thanks to IQF, we can offer fruits that may be seasonal on a consistent basis.

Craving a mango smoothie in the middle of winter? With IQF, it's possible.

This technique also preserves the flavor and texture of the ingredients, which means that every sip of our smoothies tastes as if the fruit was picked that very day.

Why does it matter how our Smoothies are made?

It may seem like a simple question, but how our smoothies are made at Zumit is really at the heart of our mission: to provide wellness and joy through a drink. By prioritizing quality from ingredient selection to final preparation, we ensure that each glass offers more than just taste: it offers an experience.

So, now that you know how our smoothies are made, isn't it time to dive into one? After all, every sip is a taste of the dedication, passion and care we put into their creation. And that, at Zumit, is what really matters.