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Cold Pressed 4 FLAVORS Drinks Choose yours and get ready with ZUMit!

Today the demand for healthy products grows every day and there are more and more consumers who care about maintaining a healthy diet and a full life. At ZUMit we have adapted naturally to this new market, we are natural, healthy, sustainable and very profitable for our customers. 

Zumit uses the latest food technologies and trends to produce the best Smoothies and Cold Pressed beverages on the market. 

What the Cold Pressed? 

Thanks to the new COLD PRESSED liquefied technique and the HPP bottling system (high pressure processing) we present a new attractive and exclusive option of healthy eating. Without losing nutrients, minimally processed and with more food security. 


Preserves all nutrients and respects sensory properties. 

It contains superfoods very beneficial for our health such as spirulina, matcha, maca root or açai. 

Easy to store without sterilised, pasteurised or aggressive processes

More juice and less oxidation 

Increases the sale of new growing channels such as Take Away or Delivery.