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Zumit at the Crossfit Madrid Championship

The Crossfit Madrid Championship is an event that brings together some of the most dedicated and passionate athletes from around the world. This year, Zumit had the honor of participating in the event with our stand, offering Cold Press juices.

It was an exciting and energetic experience that allowed us to nourish more than 2,800 athletes committed to their physical well-being.

Do you want to know a little more about this day at the Crossfit Madrid Championship, and how our cold press juices became the preferred choice of the athletes? We tell you about it!

Our location at the Crossfit Madrid Championship

Our Zumit booth stood out because of the vibrant and fresh colors of our Cold Press, contrasting with the neutral background and attracting the athletes who came across it. We were determined to offer everyone a unique and healthy experience.

In addition, we had the pleasure of also being at the Urban Poke Food Truck on the main floor, and at the Ben & Jerry's booth.

Flavors that delight

At the Zumit outlets, we offered a variety of Cold Press juice flavors, from more classic flavors to innovative blends. Athletes were impressed with the freshness and authentic taste of these fruits in our Cold Press, and were surprised at how delicious these natural juices were.

We brought 4 different Cold Press juices to this event:

Apple Cold Press juice .

Squeezed orange juice.

Cold press Passion, composed of banana and strawberry.

Cold press Happiness, composed of apple and pineapple.

The energy of the athletes

The Crossfit Madrid Championship is known for its energetic and competitive atmosphere. Athletes challenge themselves in every Workout Of the Day, and the need for proper nutrition is essential. Our Cold Press juices quickly became a natural energy source for the competitors. The combination of fresh ingredients and cold extraction provides a boost of vitality that is perfect before or after an intense crossfit session.

Nutrition for Performance

We know that nutrition plays a critical role in athletic performance. Our Cold Press juices are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help athletes stay on top.

The Crossfit Madrid Championship was an unforgettable experience for Zumit. Being surrounded by committed and passionate athletes affirmed to us the importance of providing healthy nutrition options that complement their active lifestyles.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth - see you next year!