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THE KEY TO SUCCESS IN THE HORECA CHANNEL — The profit margins according to the products

One of the fundamental pillars for success in Horeca establishments is the profit margin, this is achieved after a transaction with the client. It is essential that a business has well planned to have in its portfolio products with high profitability and their combination with other types of products.

What are the high profitability products?

The products with a great benefit for the establishment are those that are bought cheap and are easy and quick to make. Smoothies ZUMit are a 100 % natural IQF fruit and vegetable drink that have those characteristics. It is a cheap product, you can obtain a high profitability, it is also an easy product to elaborate and does not need training or specialisation in a sector where it has a high turnover of personnel.

Without having good business planning and management, these types of establishments can fail. According to the 2022 data of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) usually goes to 60 % of these establishments in their first three years, they think that the key to success is having a good cuisine, but they do not look at the management of the portfolio of their products.

Anyone who works in the hospitality industry knows that products have to try to sell more to increase the profit, but they also have to know how to combine them with products that do not have that profitability, but if impact of “experience in their customers”, which is another of the keys to success in the HORECA channel.
In short, the key to achieving high profitability products is the price at which you buy it and the time and effort you spend on the elaboration.

Our IQF fruit and frozen vegetable Smoothies are 100 % natural, it is a key product in the success of any HORECA establishment, they are products with a low price, easy to elaborate, in less than a minute you have it on the table, and with a controlled unit cost (zero deples).

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