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Become part of the business, offer a healthy quality product and
​get great advantages for your business

Business Value

Apart of the growing healthy habits consciousness trend in the food industry and the need of increasing profitability in the points of sale, these are some of the additional advantages of selling Smoothies Zumit:

  • We offer fruit and vegetables all year around. 
  • Guarantee the taste experience.
  • Easily and quickly made. Aprox, 30 sec.
  • Large expiration (aprox. 2 years).
70 %


- Sales in off-peak hours.
- Increase of customer
  average ticket.
- Increased cross-selling.


30 %


- No product loss. 
- Exact dosage
- Price stability.

Business Areas

Let us know what type of business you have and we will let you know how which of our products best suits your needs.

How we work?

We analyze

your business and all possible sales scenarios.

We adapt

the product through a Smoothie selection and adequate marketing collateral

We support

and train your team helping you with the startup and after sale customer support

We analyze

and make changes with the objective of increasing sales.

We innovate

in new product development and sales strategies.

  • IQF Quickfreeze 1
  • IQF Quickfreeze 2

IQF Quickfreeze

We collect the product in its optimum state, after a process of cleaning and cutting we quick freeze it through the IQF process (Individually Quickly Frozen) which maintains all the properties of a 100% natural product, all of this without any preservatives or any chemical processing!

We prepare the single-dosage bags with the exact quantity of ingredients, this way we ensure a well balanced delicious flavor each time it’s made guaranteeing the customer experience and loyalty.

Zumit Smoothies’ objective is to simplify operations while maximizing product profitability.

Instantly make a smoothie, surprise your customers with its ingredients and magnificent flavor, they will be impressed!

Become a distributor

We are looking for distributors at a national and international level who would like to become part of our healthy offer.

Our distributors are part of the company, integration and communication of both parties are key to a successful experience for the end customer.

Contact us, let´s work and grow together.