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Allergen Information

This information covers the main 14 allergenic ingredients as stated by the current European regulations (with the exception of the excluded ingredients in the present regulation). Our products composition can be subject to change. We will make our greates effort in updating this section, including, when changes will be made in the composition of any of our products.

Smoothie 100% Fruit Colada Jungle (banana, coconut and pineapple) contains Milk*

Smoothie 100% Fruit Squeeze Nature (Apple, pear, carrot and cellery) contains Cellery*

Allergens also present in the alcohol Smoothie Line.

Our 2% fat yogurt contains milk*

How many lines of smoothies do you have?

We have a line of smoothies with only fruit, with fruit and vegetables and with superfoods.

Is it natural fruit?

Yes, our product has 100% natural fruit. Its conservation through the IQF process allows our product to retain all of its nutritional properties. No sugar added. No stabilizers or preservatives added.

What is the IQF process?

IQF stands for Individually Quickly Frozen or quick individual freeze. Through this process the fruit gets from the inside out and therefore maintaining all of the fruit properties without any stabilizers or preservatives.

How are smoothies made?

It’s a very simple process!!

100% Fruit and Veggie Line:

Base juice, fruit sachet and blend for 30 seg= 100% Natural Fruit Smoothie!!

Fruit and Veggie with Probiotic Yogurt line:

Base Juice + fruit sachet + ½ stick of probiotic yogurt + blend for 30 sec. = 100% Natural Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie!!

What sales price should I put?

We recommend, depending on the area, customer profile etc. that the price should range between 3,00€ to 6,00€.

Can you make cocktails with the smoothies?

Yes, by adding the alcohol type and quantity recommended in our recipe, you will make a delicious cocktail!!

How do I place the first order?

Contact our sales department, they will give your all the necessary information. You can contact us between 0830h to 1730h, from Monday to Friday at 965 140 775; if you call outside these timeframes you can leave us a message or send us an email to we will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible!!

How do they ship the product?

We send the product with professional transportation to avoid any temperature.

Does the whole order arrive at the same time?

The marketing collateral will be send through a professional packaging service and the product with professional transports.

What machine do I have to make the smoothies?

To make our Smoothies you need a professional blender, if you don’t have one available, we have a promotional offer! Don’t hesitate to ask one of our sales reps.

Can I use a 600W shredder to make smoothies?

Any blender that can crush ice will be good enough to make Smoothies Zumit although we do recommend using professional blenders.

Can you print on different media for marketing?

Our marketing department is constantly developing both the designs and the supports adapting to the market trends, initially we recommend the startup marketing package that we offer though we are happy to study each case individually depending on your needs.

Do you facilitate marketing material?

Yes, we provide menu cards and posters free of charge.

Is there a difference between the fruit I freeze and the one you offer me through the IQF process?

The IQF fruit is frozen from the inside out thus preserving all of its nutritional value without any stabilizers or preservatives.

Conventional freezing process: contrarily freezing fruit with a conventional freezer, freezes de fruit from the outside to the inside, this makes the fruit loose all of its properties.