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  • Smoothies Take away

    Pool Area

    “Your customers will truly enjoy it,
    our product adapts to you and your needs”

  • room service

    Room Service

    “Offer a healthy breakfast, our smoothies in
    the room service will surprise your customers”

  • buffet


    "Because Mediterranean Diet is the best,
    ensure they start the day full of energy”


Smoothies, are currently a trendy product.

Since our beginnings Hotel Chains have been a targeted customer not only from a product standpoint but because of the benefits obtained in providing the end customer a healthy product offering.

How to identify them?

This is a great place to introduce the smoothies individually or as a combination with other products such as sandwiches or salads…, all of this well positioned with the applicable marketing collateral.

Pool Bar
Smoothies are healthy and refreshing, including them in a pool bar is always very succesful, we also suggest offering them with alcohol, an option which your customers will greatly appreciate.

If you have a SPA/Wellness Center in your establishment, you can offer our Smoothies as a product pack in combination with a treatment thus enhancing the end customer experience and therefore increasing customer loyalty.

Smoothies Preparation can be done quickly and easily, this can be offered in the buffet through self service jars or individually.

Room Service
Our Smoothies can be prepared in less than 1 minute, offering the product individually or in addition with other products will increase revenues without compromising quality or service efficiency.

* All of our Smoothies have their own alcohol recipes; should you want to broaden the product offering in a determined area, please do not hesitate to ask.





How can we help?

Our customer service reps are available on a daily basis to answer any customer enquiries.

  1. Order processing and order followup.
  2. Personalized attention. Scheduled and followup calls directly with the sales points (previous customer authorization required)
  3. Sales Point Analysis. Order proposal and suggested action items with the objective of improving sales. Marketing collateral and results analysis.
  4. Sales Reporting, to analyze results and sales evolution.
  5. Product Training. Either done directly or through the telephone , whatever queries you may have we have people available to help.

The relationship we have with hotel chains ensures that both the warehouse and the sales points have enough merchandise and the necessary training in order guarantee that the end customer has a great consumer experience whether it´s in the SPA, Pool Area, Cafeteria  or Room Service, thus becoming the one-stop shop for the Smoothie strategy for your hotels. 


Taylor made for you

Smoothies sale by impulse, it is necessary to have the correct marketing available for each sales point according to the customer type.

We have different marketing collateral available such as menu cards, bar displays, floor displays or even videos that can be adapted to the corporate branding of the company.

Our department will be in charge of designing all the adequate marketing in order to guarantee the products´ success.


We train you

To guarantee that the product is made correctly and to ensure that all involved in the making process know how to correctly make the product we have a series of resources in order to make this happen for all of our customers.

  • We can organize group training for the hotel chain. 
  • Documents, recipes and training guides with all the necessary information. 
  • Telephone customer service to answer all queries.
  • Periodical revisions to ensure that the product is correctly made

One of our product advantages is the easiness and quickness of the making process, the end customer experience will always be the same therefore generating repeat customers.



Ensuring everything is under control

Given our products Quick Freeze characteristic, the adecuate distribution is a crucial aspect to ensure the products’ quality and quick delivery. These are the main objectives of our Operations Department.
We have the warehouse and logistics capacity to deliver anywhere in Spain, Balearic, Canary Islands and Europe.

Within the logistics policy we ensure the following:

  • Controlled Temperature. Warehousing and Distribution for negative temperature (frozen products) and positive temperature. 
  • Order followup. Controlled delivery times and defined service processes to attend any incidents and therefore improving response times.
  • Quality control and conservation guarantee throughout the whole process.
  • Guaranteed traceability.
  • Personal assistance in any non-conventional delivery or special manipulation. 
  • Document Management. Packing Slips, Billing, DUAs,…



Get to know us

Whether it’s a Hotel Boutique or a 5 Star Chain, vacation or urban establishment, we have the perfect product for you. Large hotel chains already have our smoothies and we have an acquired experience where we´ve helped our customers increase the amount of the average sale.

Given our collaboration in small and large businesses we know that Smoothies Zumit have great customer acceptance in all those places where different cultures converge, leisure areas, high transited areas and specially in all those places where the consumer looks for a refreshing, quality healthy drink.

It´s also a product that has a great capacity to increase the sales of other products.