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About us

“We are very serious with the social commitment in
healthy habits, collaborating in healthy eating initiatives”

History and Philosphy

Having observed certain shortcomings in eating and healthy habits in our current society, we envisioned a business model that could ADD VALUE in peoples` lives by introducing healthy eating concepts in the Fast and Good Market in Spain.

As a result, we offer 100% natural fruit and veggie smoothies, a healthy product line without renouncing the joy of their great taste, a high quality drink that is part of today’s social trend. 



Zumit Departments

These are the main areas of our company that provide an all around quality service:

  • Marketing

    Our product being  impulse related, we adapt  all the marketing (menu Cards, displays, videos etc. to the theme of the sales point)

  • Aftersales Service
    Aftersales Service

    Monthly followup on our customers on order processing, querie handling, customer care and analysis to improve sales.

  • Distribution

    Direct distribution with temperature control. Fast and efficient delivery.

  • Innovation and Quality
    Innovation and Quality

    Constant Innovation of new smoothies aligned with market trends.

Smoothie LAB

Innovation and Quality are two areas which are very important to our company, which is why we have developed the Smoothie Lab concept where are team of nutritionists and sommeliers develop our products and have the following tasks:

  • Customer consumption history.
  • Product trends.
  • Product trends from a social point of view.
  • Product Launches with our Marketing Department.
  • New flavor developed for different customer profiles.
  • Development of service related collateral. Machinery, Takeaway, etc.
  • New Packaging Development.


Our Experience

Our in depth experience in large organizations, we know that Smoothies Zumit have great customer acceptance in all those places where different cultures converge, leisure areas, high transited areas and specially in all those places where the consumer looks for a refreshing, quality healthy drink. It´s also a product that has a great capacity to increase the sales of other products.

We have a broad experience in the restaurant related businesses, having a wide range of customer types such as hotel chains, franchises, theme parks, business centers , wellness centers etc.