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What is ZUMit?

Zumit, leading provider of Smoothies and a pioneer in the Spanish Market since 2008, currently has available the largest range of smoothies in the Iberian market.

We provide tasty fruit and veggie combinations great for their nutritional value and enable any hotel, cafe or restaurant related business the possibility of implementing  a complementary healthy option through  Non fat-sugar free fruit and veggie smoothies.


Business Value

Apart of the growing healthy habits consciousness trend in the food industry and the need of increasing profitability in the points of sale, these are some of the additional advantages of selling Smoothies Zumit:

  • We offer fruit and vegetables all year around. 
  • Guarantee the taste experience.
  • Easily and quickly made. Aprox, 30 sec.
  • Large expiration (aprox. 2 years).
70 %


- Sales in off-peak hours.
- Increase of customer
  average ticket.
- Increased cross-selling.


30 %


- No product loss. 
- Exact dosage
- Price stability.


  • The frozen fruit vs. Fresh Fruit. What is the IQF method?

    To freeze is like the pause button of nature. It is a natural way to keep and keep you favorite foods fresh.


    Freeze is like the pause button of nature. It's a natural way to keep and keep your favorite foods fresh.


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  • Las Playitas Challenge 2016

    Zumit Smoothies has collaborated with Las Playitas Sports Resort in the half Iron Man “Las Playitas Challenge 2016”. The Fuerteventura Challenge is...

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  • New Smoothies

    This week we have started preparing our new Smoothies for 2016. As every year our Research and Development Department develops new flavors...

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  • Papaya. A fruit filled with false myths.

    That fruit is healthy is something that we all know, it is the reason why its necessary to have them included in our diet. This time we are going to focus on one tropical fruit that we have heard of a lot, the Papaya. There are a lot of myths about this fruit...

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